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Newsletter No. 24 First division season for Wittorf ended prematurely

by Lennard Jessen

First division season for Wittorf ended prematurely

Neumünster - As the German Badminton Association (DBV) announced late Friday evening, the DBV Presidium decided due to the corona pandemic that the 2019-2020 season in the 1st Badminton Bundesliga should end prematurely. At the same time, it was decided to suspend national game operations until July 31st. There will be no national title holder in 2020. For Blau-Weiß Wittorf, the premature end of the season means that Germany's northernmost first division badminton team ends the season in third place with 24 points behind Bischmisheim (35 points, 1st place) and Refrath (32 points, 2nd place), and that Quarter-final playoff is no longer played.   "We fully support DBV's decision not to continue the 2019-2020 season. Under the given circumstances, resuming game operations does not seem to be really feasible, especially since the different situations due to the pandemic mean that the players all have different training conditions and therefore no fair conditions are given. Looking back on the last season until it was canceled, we are pleased with the very good course for us, which was outstanding for us. My team pulled out everything that was possible and I am very proud of my team and all the performances shown. Third place in the table was a very strong team effort. Of course, we would have liked to put the icing on the cake when we participated in the quarter-final playoff, but this cannot be changed and the health and safety of all players has top priority.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all sponsors, supporters and friends who made this great season possible for us! ”Said Ralf Treptau, head of Wittorf's badminton division. [Nbsp] After ninth place in the 2018-2019 premiere season, third place in the German Badminton's top floor for blue and white 2019-2020 also means the best result on the national stage in the club's history. According to current planning, the new 20202021 season is expected to start on October 18, 2020 for Wittorf, taking into account the further development of the Corona virus, so that the date mentioned is expressly subject to change.

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Es zeigt die 1. Badminton-Bundesligamannschaft von Blau-Weiß Wittorf 2019-2020. Vl.n.r.: Nina Vislova, Victoria Williams, Vivien Sandorhazi, Bjarne Geiss, Lucas Bednorsch, Sebastian Schöttler, Jee Han Chong und Vitaly Durkin. Es fehlen: Pawel Pietryja, Egor Kurdyukov, Nicolai Ukk, Anastasia Shapovalova und Lise Jaques.

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