Lise Jaques short Portrait

by Soeren Andersen

New arrival Lise Jaques short Portrait

With the sympathetic Lise Jaques from Belgium a replacement for Stine could be found. Lise is currently on the world ranking 65 with her double partner Flore Vandenheucke. With her, Lise was able to win German International this year. In addition, Lise is the actual Belgian champion in mixed and doubles.

"I’m happy to play for BWW Neumünster because I will be playing in a new environment with a lot of motivated people. I am looking forward to be playing on the highest level in Germany and to play a lot of high level matches. Beside the high level, I am also looking forward to the atmosphere in the team and the supporters from Neumünster. My hobbies are playing badminton and spending quality time with my friends and Family. My biggest vice is always putting other people first instead of thinking what would be the best for me."

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